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Creating excellent workplace culture, strengthening employee engagement, and increasing company productivity run through Anessa’s veins. As former Director of Global Recruiting for The Motley Fool in Alexandria, VA, her career in Human Resources began with a company consistently ranked one of the best places to work in the DC area and the US. Her experience includes organizational and leadership development, talent strategy, human resources and employee relations, and government contract compliance.

Focused on assisting executives with complex organizational and growth issues, she has also been a force in the growing world of transparent workplace culture, working with anonymous employer review sites including InHerSight and Glassdoor.com. With a Master of Arts in English from National University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Business, and English from Penn State University, her unique background enables her to understand people and craft internal communication in a way that few can.

Anessa broke ground as the first HR and Talent person at many startups, including Weejee Learning, where she served as Director of HR and Talent until they were acquired, and MATI Energy. From Uber to Appian to EverFi, she works well with teams of all sizes, from a dozen people to over 10,000.

When Anessa isn't helping companies enhance culture, you will find her with a kickass pair of shoes on and a full-bodied glass of red wine in her hand.



Sarah is easily one of the quickest people to grab the vibe of a workplace culture and run with it. Dedicated to digging deep into her clients’ needs, she won’t quit until the benchmark for success has been raised, and the job is well done. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Sarah honed in on Human Resources and Marketing during her time at UNC-Wilmington.

After graduation, Sarah spent a year working for Target as a Team Lead and then transitioned into the corporate world, focusing on technology companies while doing investment research. During this time, she sharpened her skills, focusing on client success, job recruiting, and employee sourcing.

In her spare time, Sarah loves to travel (with a large bucket list to fulfill), going to concerts, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.